In the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the worlds have been in peace for nearly 200 years. Now darkness is creeping into the worlds again and along with it, Heartless, Nobodies, and Keyblades. What will become of these darkened worlds?
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Nearly 200 Years have passed since the worlds were saved by the legendary Sora, and the universe has been filled with light and peace since; while Keyblades have turned into just legends and tales. Now darkness is creeping back into the shadows and Heartless with it. Nobodies are being born again and, following the ways of Organization XIII, have built a castle and are trying to remake Kingdom Hearts once more; forming a group known as Voided Organization of Darkness, or VOD. All the while, Keyblades are now returning and appearing in the hands of the unexpected. Now these Wielders must decide what to do with these peculiar weapons and how to stop the darkness from taking over.

What will become of these darkened worlds?

February 2019
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 Plot of These Darkened Worlds

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PostSubject: Plot of These Darkened Worlds   Tue Feb 01, 2011 7:41 pm

The Story

Nearly 200 Years have passed since the chosen Keyblade Wielder defeated the darkness of the worlds; now Sora and his companions are just distant stories told in front of the fireplace. Peace and light have filled the many worlds since; though darkness always lies deep within the hearts. While many thought their worlds were full of light, they did not take the time to examine the shadows and discover darkness still crept within. People continued to let darkness seep into their hearts and some even began to become heartless, thus new Nobodies were born...

With the worlds in oblivious happiness, a new force has come and has been secretly planning their ultimate takeover. A band of Nobodies much like those of the old Organization XIII have formed up a group they call Voided Organization of Darkness, VOD, for they are void of hearts yet full of darkness. These Nobodies have found a hidden world completely consumed of darkness and covered in mist called Darthynia. Here they have built up a great white castle, following the pattern of their example, Organization XIII. They work hard and train for their ultimate goal, to connect all the worlds with darkness and capture the hearts of every inhabitant, thus once again forming Kingdom Hearts.

When a few individuals find themselves wielding Keyblades they know something is wrong as they recall the legendary tales of Sora and the others. Why would a Keyblade come to them? What is it for? These questions must be answered. But once they are, will the Wielders use their new powers for good or evil?

Nobodies are joining VOD right and left, heartless are starting to creep in the shadows of all the once peaceful worlds, forgotten Keyblades are now appearing in the hands of the pure, and confusion abounds. What will become of these darkened worlds?

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Plot of These Darkened Worlds
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