In the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the worlds have been in peace for nearly 200 years. Now darkness is creeping into the worlds again and along with it, Heartless, Nobodies, and Keyblades. What will become of these darkened worlds?
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Nearly 200 Years have passed since the worlds were saved by the legendary Sora, and the universe has been filled with light and peace since; while Keyblades have turned into just legends and tales. Now darkness is creeping back into the shadows and Heartless with it. Nobodies are being born again and, following the ways of Organization XIII, have built a castle and are trying to remake Kingdom Hearts once more; forming a group known as Voided Organization of Darkness, or VOD. All the while, Keyblades are now returning and appearing in the hands of the unexpected. Now these Wielders must decide what to do with these peculiar weapons and how to stop the darkness from taking over.

What will become of these darkened worlds?

May 2019
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 Yexarv of the VOD

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Somebody Name-Yevar as a nickname but Yevarious Blacksword is his full name




Home World-Agrabah

Personality-Hardheaded and stubborn yet rather clueless. He has a hatred for just about all Keyblade Wielders, Aer being the exception as he was stuck with her for so long. He was also one of the most understanding towards Chaznep's weird ways on doing things yet he has no say in many matters but often doesn't have the need for an opinion

History-In his Somebody life, he was the father of Cryo and became a Nobody after an attack from a dark Keyblade Wielder. Also in his somebody life he was a master blacksmith known for making weapons that had special abilities due to a rare ore he found which seemed to absorb the powers of magic to keep it from being mined. He has made four weapons out of this ore one being Cryo's heirloom sword, one being his personal weapon, one lance, and one mace in which each weapon has a small ring on the bottom for a purpose that will soon be described. After becoming a Nobody, he was found by Chaznep of whom taught him everything to know about being a part of the VOD. Also on becoming a Nobody he forgot the reason he became a Nobody yet his hatred for Wielders stayed with him. He eventually ran into the Wielder that made him who he was and killed him being one of the many he had slain. As a habit he had always had, he had a habit of taking something as a memory of the fight in which he took the keychains of the Keyblades in which he has a rather large collection that he keeps on a belt underneath his cloak. and with the keychains he realized attaching them to his weapon gave it the magic capabilities of the Keyblade it belonged to without the unlocking abilities and the ability to capture hearts that the Keyblade was known for.

VOD Name-The Monsters Weapon

Weapon-See appearance for picture. The weapon is ungodly heavy though
he can wield it one handed and uses it as a walking stick often.

Appearance- Without his cloak and holding his weapon
Yexarv of the VOD Png26

((disclamer immage is not mine))

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I forgot how much I like his picture. Hehe. *cough*

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