In the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the worlds have been in peace for nearly 200 years. Now darkness is creeping into the worlds again and along with it, Heartless, Nobodies, and Keyblades. What will become of these darkened worlds?
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Nearly 200 Years have passed since the worlds were saved by the legendary Sora, and the universe has been filled with light and peace since; while Keyblades have turned into just legends and tales. Now darkness is creeping back into the shadows and Heartless with it. Nobodies are being born again and, following the ways of Organization XIII, have built a castle and are trying to remake Kingdom Hearts once more; forming a group known as Voided Organization of Darkness, or VOD. All the while, Keyblades are now returning and appearing in the hands of the unexpected. Now these Wielders must decide what to do with these peculiar weapons and how to stop the darkness from taking over.

What will become of these darkened worlds?

May 2019
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 Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian

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PostSubject: Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian   Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian Icon_minitimeMon Apr 09, 2012 4:41 pm

Name: Kuro (Translation = Black)

Nickname Blackie / Blacky

Gender: Male

Age: One Hundred and Twenty One

Side: As he is loyal to Rose, he will serve whatever side she decides to go with.

Home World: Land of Dragons

Kin: If any, they are unknown.

Personality: Kuro is one of simple personality. Being a cat, he is naturally playful and energetic. Which is why most, if not all the time, he is seen with Rose asking her to play with him. However, he can change temperment rather quick given the appropriate situation. For example, the night the temple was burned down. His rage was easily brought to the surface and displayed in the form of physical violence. So it is clear that he is easily swayed by emotions, whether they are his own or those of people he cares for, especially Rose. He is a cat who likes to live life care free, enjoying the company of his companions and friends. However, when a serious situation is called upon, he springs into action.

History: Kuro once served as a protective deity, a guardian of sorts, to silkworm farmers in the Land of Dragons. Living with these humans for many peaceful years, his job was to protect the farmer's silkworms from mice and other disasters which could kill them. In exchange for his services, offerings of food would be brought to the temple he lived in. As well, festivals would be held in his name to honour him. However, this eventually came to an end when creatures of darkness started to appear in and around his temple. Heartless, as they were known as, started to appear in mass amounts. Taking over the temple and attacking the farmers who would come to make their usually offerings to Kuro. Fearful that this was a curse placed on the temple by some other power, people stopped coming and thus Kuro was all but forgotten. The infestation of heartless eventually got so bad that the local villagers decided to burn the temple down so that the "curse" could not harm any of them any longer. Outraged by destruction of his hom, Kuro attacked the humans.

The attacks continued until the villagers had no choice to but seek help. And so help was found. The Oblivion Brotherhood of Assassins picked up on their situation and immediately sent in a team, lead by Rose Phoenix, to put a stop to Kuro. Being in much the same situation as Kuro, carrying the same anger and pain he was feeling, Rose was able to sympathize for him. And so she was able to resolve the situation in a safe way. She calmed Kuro by talking to him and making him feel needed once again. Once he was settled, she gave him a new purpose. To become her companion, and remain at her side as an equal friend. Kuro accepted. Since then, he continues to travel with Rose. He has also gained a new role, as he is also the guardian of the Oblivion Brotherhood.

Weapon: Kuro relies solely on his animalistic instincts and sense, using only his paws and strength as his main weapons in combat. This suits him well as he is able to go into nekomata form when he feels he needs to. This forms grants him immense strength, which is enough to rival most warriors.

Appearance: [Normal Form] || [Nekomata Form]
Naturally, Kuro is a small sized black cat with two tails. From head to toe he is covered in solid black fur with a few exceptions here and there. For instance, the lower half of his face is colored a chocolate brown color. This fur covers the entirety of his jaw and slopes upwards slightly between his eyes. A fluffy patch of white fur covers his chest and a small patch of white fur can be found on the upper part of his right foreleg. Kuro's eyes are a deep yellow color and are rather big in comparison to other animals. The pupils of his eyes are a solid black color. They are surrounded by green irises. In the center of his head is a set of yellow horns. Originally Kuro was a protective deity of temples, but since he has become a demon he has gained the ability to go into a nekomata form. This form causes him to grow in size, to the point where he towers over human adults. His general appearance remains the same, but his height grows to somewhere between 7 and 8 feet high. Also while in this form he gains immense strength, enough to topple bulldozers and other construction equipment easily.
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PostSubject: Re: Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian   Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 5:16 pm


Having a cat on the adventure is such a fun idea. I'm really loving this!^_^

Kuro || Oblivion's Guardian These_12
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