In the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the worlds have been in peace for nearly 200 years. Now darkness is creeping into the worlds again and along with it, Heartless, Nobodies, and Keyblades. What will become of these darkened worlds?
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Nearly 200 Years have passed since the worlds were saved by the legendary Sora, and the universe has been filled with light and peace since; while Keyblades have turned into just legends and tales. Now darkness is creeping back into the shadows and Heartless with it. Nobodies are being born again and, following the ways of Organization XIII, have built a castle and are trying to remake Kingdom Hearts once more; forming a group known as Voided Organization of Darkness, or VOD. All the while, Keyblades are now returning and appearing in the hands of the unexpected. Now these Wielders must decide what to do with these peculiar weapons and how to stop the darkness from taking over.

What will become of these darkened worlds?

May 2019
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 Summary of Events

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PostSubject: Summary of Events   Summary of Events Icon_minitimeTue Feb 01, 2011 7:28 pm

Let me explain. This RP had actually gone on for an entire year on another site called Many important events happened during all that time and thus I decided to go through it and make an entire summary of all that had happened to put here. So if you are new here and have no clue what has happened or would like to know of all the events that has taken place, or you are one of the originals and would like a refresher or to reminisce, you have come to the right place. Now I know it is very long and overwhelming, but it is an interesting read and will fill you in on everything you need to know. If you don't want to take the time to read this lengthy thing (I would not blame you) do not feel pressured to at all and jumped right into the RP. It is just here for whoever wants it.


These Darkened Worlds Summary

All the worlds had been in peace for many years, while Keyblade Wielders were just told in stories. Things alter drastically when Keyblades appear in hands of those who never expected such a thing to happen to them, now everything would change.

Thaye, an adventurous, kind hearted girl who lived for the Keyblade legends of old, was in her home world, Radiant Garden, when an enormous heartless appeared there. She whisked off to see to it and found a silver and blue Keyblade appearing in her hand. Next thing she knew she was falling through a dark portal and landed in an entirely new world.

Cyro, an orphan and thief in Agrabah, but kindhearted deep down, found his Keyblade frozen in an lake in his world, only to discover that this icy Keyblade had frozen the water itself. He was attacked by heartless and fell into a portal himself.

Thaye was quite shocked finding herself in Wonderland, and even more so when someone came falling from seemingly nowhere and landing unconscious near where she stood. One awake, this boy introduced himself as Cryo. Cryo and Thaye at that point had no idea what sort of adventure they would soon have together.

Meanwhile, a great castle in a lifeless world known as Darthynia had been newly built for an organization who called themselves VOD which stood for Voided Organization of Darkness, for they were full of darkness but void of hearts, or as some called them, Nobodies. This group of Nobodies were following their predecessors, Organization XIII, and were trying to rebuild Kingdom Hearts to gain their heart back once more. Varlexia, a Nobody who was in constant foul moods but was most skilled at spinning people around her finger to get what she wanted, was one of the first to form this organization. Chaznep, a very clever, sarcastic male Nobody and master of disguises, was also one of the original and supported VOD well.

While Thaye and Cryo had a little run-in with Varlexia and another Nobody in Wonderland, making them realize Nobodies were returning to the world as well as heartless, Shade, a curious, fun but stubborn and most feisty, girl was fighting Chaznep in her home world, Twilight Town. After a short squabble, Chaznep opened a portal and through Shade in, sending her to Wonderland where he thought Varlexia would be, for Varlexia had asked him to turn Shade into a heartless so they could claim her Nobody, but he was not able.

Thaye and Cryo were startled when Shade appeared in the Wonderland room in the same manner Cryo had. These three soon became friends and decided to explore this new and interesting world, all three having never been to other world before.

During their adventure in Wonderland Varlexia and Chaznep come back for more, hoping to get Shade once more. To everyone's great surprise Shade's weapons, two large scythes, transform into two Keyblades. Shade was now a Wielder herself. Varlexia was most pleased to see the girl gain two Keyblades, for the Nobody wished for the Wielders in order for Kingdom Hearts to grow every time they killed a heartless. It seemed her plans were making themselves easier with each day. She and Chaznep left Wonderland back to their castle to hatch a new scheme. In the end they just decide to keep a watch on the Keyblade Wielders and make sure they are attacking heartless and staying alive.

Chaznep goes back to Wonderland and appears before the Wielders disguised as a Wonderlander and called himself Jack. Talking in rhymes, he gave them a clue to where an old Gummi Ship was stored. The Wielders found the Gummi Ship, the ship the very legend Sora used, inside a large chimney in Wonderland.

Back at Darthynia Castle two other members of VOD were conversing, on not so friendly terms. Yexarv, a Nobody with a dreadful temper and mighty weapon, was just coming back from a mission in Twilight Town when he spotted Aer on a sofa in the castle's main room. Aer was an interesting member of VOD. She had completely lost her memory and Varlexia found her unconscious with a Keyblade in her hand and brought her back to the castle. Ever since, Aer helped VOD achieve their goal though she was not a Nobody herself. VOD had poisoned her mind by making her think Sora had been evil and Organization XIII had been the good ones, thus she has no idea she works for an evil group. Either way, her stubborn ways, fieriness, and great fighting skills make her a large asset in VOD. Yexarv on the other hand did not see it that way. Though he wanted his heart back, he had a utter detest for Keyblade Wielders and wished to vanquish them all. Thus he and Aer usually got into fights every time they saw each other, both loathing the other deeply. Chaznep and Varlexia had to do everything in their power to keep Yexarv from murdering Aer.

While Aer and Yexarv had a verbal fight ending with Yexarv putting a gash in the wall with his monstrously, enormous poleaxe, as he often was prone to do, Varlexia and Chaznep were forming a scheme revolving around Cryo and Aer.

After quite a bumpy ride in the Gummi Ship, Thaye, Cryo, and Shade found themselves in Traverse Town. Soon after, Aer appeared there and met them. Varlexia and Chaznep had asked her to befriend Cryo and sweet talk him in order to lure him into joining the organization and thus gaining VOD another Keyblade Wielder. Aer was none too happy about this, being one that found fun in fighting not pretending to be kind to someone, but in the end reluctantly agreed.

During their time in Traverse town, Aer discovered she had quite a knack for acting, though she hated having to pretend to be a sweet, innocent girl to win Cryo over; the Wielders ran into a man named Panech who was really Chaznep in another one of his disguises, and he later taught Thaye how to use the Fire spell, though she did not trust him; and Shade met up with a boy named Death Knight, an interesting boy who has a lust for blood but still stays on the good side, and the two ended up falling in love, thus Death joins the group. Thaye also finds herself somewhat upset over how Aer treats Cryo and wonders if it is jealousy she is feeling.

Aer eventually is able to get Cryo alone and with a devious plot, pulls him through a portal making it look like an accident and takes him to VOD's castle. There they run into Chaznep and Varlexia, and the three VOD members try to make out VOD as a good thing and get him to join, but Cryo resists and is throw in a prison. Aer gets odd feelings around Cryo but shakes it off as just fatigue, not willing to admit she is starting to actually warm up to him. Aer witnessed something happen to Cryo while he was in the prison; for mysterious reasons, Cryo formed into a heartless. This took Aer by quite a shock but when she showed Chaznep and Varlexia they all realized this was a good thing. Since Cryo turned into a heartless then he should have a Nobody somewhere around, most likely using a Keyblade. It seemed their plan worked even better than they had hoped. Cryo, now a heartless Shadow, escaped the prison and hurried away. The others were not too concerned and instead tried to decide where Cryo's Nobody would be.

Chaznep ended up finding the boy in Twilight Town and dubbed him Cyroz, deciding to use a 'Z' in the Nobody name instead of the usual 'X'. Cyroz, who looked nearly identical to Cryo, was a bit confused but went with Chaznep back to Darthynia regardless.

Cryo's heartless form made its way back to Traverse Town where it caught up with Thaye, Shade, and Death again. All three were most horrified when they discovered that this little Shadow was Cryo, Thaye especially took it very hard. Aer's disappearance also made them worry about what had happened. The three decided that Cryo must have a Nobody somewhere since he was a heartless now, and so decided to search for the Nobody in hopes of finding a way of bringing Cryo back to normal. They stayed in Traverse Town for the night and decided to leave in the morning.

Death Knight told Shade that night that he had a sister named Silver who he was looking for. He later revealed to everyone that he is a Nobody, yet could still feel as though he had a heart. He also said that he killed his friend years ago and made his bones into his weapon. Shade was rather saddened by this but accepted it and continued loving him. Death seemed to not be so blood thirsty when she was around and the two made a nice, though interesting, pair.

All the while, Aer met Cyroz in the castle and they were sent on a mission together in the Olympus Coliseum. Varlexia and Chaznep wanted Aer to help train Cyroz and show him around. She agreed, not minding Nobodies nearly as much as she minded normal people. Besides, she enjoyed being superior over someone. While at the Coliseum the two fight some heartless, discovering Cyroz has quite a knack for fighting, and run into Yexarv there. They were hoping to keep Cyroz a secret because of Yexarv's utter distaste for Keyblade Wielders, but now he knew. Later, Aer and Cyroz returned to the castle and went to another mission in Destiny Islands where a giant heartless had supposedly been spotted.

While everyone else was sleeping in Traverse Town, the heartless Cryo and Chaznep got into a fight causing Chaznep to gain a scar on his face and bending on of Cryo's antennae, though since Cryo could not speak no one knew what really happened for sure. Later the group got back in the Gummi Ship and ended up in Twilight Town, Shade's home world. While the group was getting some of the town's famous ice cream, Yexarv decided to show up and a fight took place. During the fight Cyro somehow morphed into a heartless that looked like himself, yet still heartless-like. Being outnumbered, Yexarv had to flee the scene. Afterwards, Cryo fell over and he slowly changed into his normal self, his heartless appearance gone.

In Destiny Islands, Aer and Cyroz faced a heartless unimaginable in size. Its great largeness would frighten most but Aer enjoyed a challenge and rushed into the fight gladly with Cyroz right behind. Unfortunately, as she fought images started flashing in her mind that she did not know what were. She was caught off guard and thrown into a tree by the heartless, sending her unconscious. Cyroz pulled her away from the battle scene and tried to wake her up. In her unconsciousness Aer began to see visions of her past. She saw herself fighting the same heartless in Twilight Town near the clock tower, she also saw herself in her old home with her parents and another little girl, finally she saw her and the same little girl running through the fields up to the castle in Radiant Garden. In the vision she called the little girl Thaye. After this, she awoke with surprise and began thinking on what she just saw. Her memory began slowly returning and that is when she remembered...Thaye was her little sister.

Everyone in Twilight Town was overjoyed to see Cryo back to normal. He awoke from unconsciousness and, in his casual manner, said, "Being a heartless doesn't agree with me," bringing a round of joyful laughter.

Leaving the heartless in Destiny Islands, Aer had to leave to get her thoughts together even though she had never abandoned a mission before. Sitting atop the Twilight Town clock tower she started to relay her memories out loud to herself, trying to remember all that had happened to her before she lost her memory. She had no idea Cyroz was standing behind her listening. She remembered she lived in Radiant Garden with her parents and her younger sister Thaye. They had a nice life until Aer went out to play near the castle by herself one night and a giant heartless came. A Keyblade appeared in her hand and she tried to fight the heartless but then they both fell into a large portal of darkness. There Aer resided for years, consumed in nothing but darkness and silence. During that long time the darkness had somehow given her strength and knowledge. Then the heartless came back. She was determined to kill it this time. They fought in the utter darkness on and on until it grew lighter. Eventually the darkness dispersed and they appeared in Twilight Town, just under the clock tower. They continued to fight but, despite Aer's determination to vanquish it, it nearly won in the end. That was when Varlexia found her unconscious and took her to Darthynia. After that Aer had no memory of her life...until now. As she sat on the clock tower she realized the heartless that had caused her so much pain was the very heartless she was just fighting in Destiny Islands. Clenching her fists, she was utterly determined that this time she really would kill it, once and for all.

While Thaye and Cryo went to get some ice cream, Thaye tried to ask what had happened to Cryo and how he turned into a heartless. He mentioned something about meeting Panech's Nobody and Varlexia, but withheld much information. Thaye tried to get more out of him, still wondering where Aer was, but was interrupted when her head began pounding. She saw a quick flash of two young girls in a field but could only see their backs and it went away too quick before she could tell where they were or who. Suddenly the ground under her became dark and pulled her under. She tried reaching out for Cryo but it pulled her in too fast. Cryo jumped in after her and they both emerged in Destiny Island right in the midst of the going on with the enormous heartless. Aer and Cyroz were there again, fighting best they could. Aer spotted Thaye about to get hit but the heartless and hurriedly blocked the blow with her Keyblade. As the heartless still persisted to beat them, Aer sent out an encouraging word and both girls' Keyblades began to glow. They pointed them at the heartless and after a moment it exploded in a ball of light and was vanquished for good.

After the fight Thaye's memory of her sister began returning as well and Aer explained what had happened. It seemed that heartless took away memories and when she had lost her memory it also took away Thaye's memory of her because they were connected. Now that the heartless was destroyed they could once again remember each other.

At Darythinia Castle Varlexia was watching over Yexarv who was pretty beat up from the fight in Twilight Town when a mysterious girl popped into the castle. Varlexia found this most strange since Darthynia was different from other worlds and could not be gotten to by just anyone. This girl seemed confident but had a strange air about her. Being one of curiosity, Varlexia just observed and talked to her before making any rash moves. The girl's name is Cres and Varlexia could sense strange vibes coming from her. Varlexia and Yexarv are quite shocked when she discovers the girl is the very great granddaughter of Lord Xehanort himself. Varlexia decided to invite this Cres to join VOD, thinking having a direct descendant of Xehanort might serve VOD very well. Cres is unsure about the situation herself, but considers it.

Cryo and Cyroz had now discovered each other after the fight and were very confused at seeing one another for they looked practically identical. While they stared each other down, Thaye asked Aer what she had been doing all these years. Aer, not wanting to tell the truth yet, just said she had been adventuring; both her and Thaye had always been quite the adventurers at heart anyhow. Thaye wanted more of an explanation but suddenly Cryo and Cyroz broke out into a fight. Aer found it most amusing but Thaye, thinking it was horrible, talked her into making them stop. Both girls summoned their Keyblades and broke the fight, explaining to the boys who they were and why they looked alike.

Back in Twilight Town Shade and Death were wondering what happened to Thaye and Cryo. Not knowing what to do they stayed around in the town. Shade went to her 'home', a little secret room in Station Plaza, and brought Death a gift, a leather-corded necklace with a turquoise-green stone around it. Moments after heartless appeared and the two attacked them.

As everything calmed down, Thaye looked in wonder around her. She just loved the stories about Sora, and realizing she was in his home world put her in awe. But when she mentioned it Aer asked with wonder why Thaye cared about Sora. She thought Sora was bad, Varlexia had told her he killed all the Nobodies when they were just trying to regain hearts. She could not imagine why Thaye was so enthralled by his legends. Thankfully the subject changed and they tried to figure out how to get back to Twilight Town. Aer, not wanting to reveal that she could make dark portals, told them that Cyroz could make one since he was a Nobody. He actually had not mastered the art of portal making yet, but she opened one for him, making it look like he had done it. Pretty soon they were all back in Twilight Town. Aer wondered why Cryo was not giving away her secret, since he did know she had helped capture him and take him to VOD castle. She gave him a inquisitive look but he returned with a smile as if to say, "Don't worry about it, your secret is safe with me." Aer found it odd he was not telling anyone, but she was glad nonetheless. Also, Aer and Thaye, who had not seen each other since they were very young, were a bit conflicted on each other's personalities. Aer was growing somewhat annoyed with Thaye's perky, smiley manner, while Thaye was not so sure about Aer's haughty, sarcastic ways. Thaye could not help but wonder what had happened to her sister. They used to be so close.

Arriving back at Twilight Town, they found themselves in the Sandlot where a boy was standing curiously holding a heartless Shadow. The group decided to approach him and see what he was about. This guy's name was Loen and he seemed subdued and distant, melancholy. He seemed to know a lot about the heartless. Eventually he told them he came from Nibelheim and was lost in darkness. His family also had been and he almost attacked the Wielders because he needed one heart for someone. Loen was not bad, he was just desperate. He did not attack though because the heartless he had with him took his attention. It ended up that this heartless was Yura his little sister who he was trying to get a heart for so she would be a heartless no more. But it seemed she did not want him to do that, so he resisted and felt repented for almost attacking the four Wielders standing friendly before him.

Eventually Thaye invites Loen to join them. She did not know why, but her heart was reaching out to this boy. He was lost and darkness and needed help, she just wanted to help him see the light, she also hoped they could find a way to restore his sister Yura back to normal. Loen eventually agreed, thinking maybe being with this group will help pull him out of the darkness. Aer was none too pleased but said nothing.

A bit later another boy named Zero came up to the group mysteriously asking about Shade. The group decided to split up, by Aer's suggestion, and search for Shade and Death. Aer drags Cyroz away and then opens a portal. Her real intentions of splitting up were just to get away from everyone and go back to Darthynia. She was really growing tired of all the people and needed some time to think.

Shade and Death are roaming the town when they run into Zero. Shade thinks he looks familiar but is not entirely sure who he is. Zero is rather cruel and dark and he and Death get into quite a verbal fight that forms into a real fight. As they fought something odd happened to Death, something took over his body where he was not even himself. He had an evil lust for blood and was utterly full of darkness. Eventually the nasty fight broke off with Zero leaving with a threat. Death continued to be like he was a different person. He threatened Shade's life but she bravely said she was going to bring the Death she knew back. With that she kissed him and Death returned to normal.

Still in the Sandlot, Cryo and Thaye were quite shocked when Loen took command over a group of heartless that threatened them. He merely explained that they sense him as a hierarchy because he has a heart unlike them, but is also full of darkness. He claimed he could not truly control them. The two accepted this, Thaye still thinking this boy had a good heart somewhere inside him.

Later Zero approached the three saying he had found Shade and her boyfriend. He casually said they had a run-in with him but they were okay, and then just walked off. This boy was quite a mystery, and the others were not sure if they could trust him, but soon after, they ran back into Shade and Death and were glad to see they were all right. They exchanged stories and were quite shocked to hear how Zero attacked Shade and Death so menacingly. Now they knew to watch out for him.

In Darthynia, Varlexia is taking Cres to show her the heart shaped moon in the sky and explain Kingdom Hearts when they run into Aer and Cyroz in the halls. Both are somewhat confused about Cres, but follow Varlexia to the castle's main room along with Cres. Later while Varlexia is explaining everything to Cres, Aer, being in a terribly foul mood, storms off to the kitchen. She and Cyroz had a somewhat meaningful conversation there, though Aer really did not have any idea what was bothering her so. Though Cyroz had no heart, he seemed to express sentiment towards her, she and Chaznep being his only true friends, and she was grateful to him, despite her constantly yelling at him and bossing him around.

Somewhere else in Twilight Town a kindhearted, fun girl named Jess is running through the town when she runs into a group of heartless. During the fight a Keyblade appears in her hands but disappears after the fight ends. She has no idea what the thing was or what just happened and goes to sit on a bench in the Sandlot to ponder over it.

In the tunnels of Twilight Town another Nobody, Irixa, a mouthy, sarcastic, often rebellious boy, is roaming them quietly, just trying to stay away from people. Chaznep was sleeping in the tunnels, mostly hiding from Varlexia, when he is awaked by Irixa's presence. Chaznep learns this boy is a Nobody but pretty soon after a verbal fight kicks into a nasty real fight. In the end, Chaznep wins (due to a knee injury Irixa already had) and Irixa goes unconscious. Chaznep pulls him through a portal and takes him to the medical room of Darythnia Castle, setting him on a cot next to Yexarv.

In another part of the tunnels, a newly made Nobody named Violeta, a rather quiet, shy girl, just awoke from a fight with a heartless and cannot remember much of what happened.

At the Sandlot, everyone stood rather stunned when Loen claimed he decided he needed some time alone and would maybe catch up with them another time. They were quite saddened when he left them. They then noticed Jess sitting on a bench and went to go greet her. Jess told them what happened and they explained to her what a Keyblade was. Moments after, Zero appeared before them all, looking dark and ominous. To their great surprise he pulled out a Keyblade and a great fight took place. Amidst the fight something happened to Cryo, he grew extremely angry when Zero attacked Thaye and turned into a heartless again, though stayed in the shape of himself. Thaye was utterly shocked to see this, but had to focus on the fight before she could worry too much.

The fight was thought to be over when Zero disappeared underground; it was far from over. Suddenly he came back up with an enormous Gargoyle and riding a heartless Phantomtail. A Sniper Wild, a pinkish, monkey-like heartless that seemed to be some form of a pet to Zero, joined the fight as well. During the fight, Zero and Shade began to feel terrible pain and they both had a flashback vision. First there was a hooded man in a black cloak, threatening to take Shade and Death away when they were much younger. Another vision then came where Shade was running through a burning house. Her parents died there and she lost her brother; Zero. When both Wielders came back to the present, they were cringing as the flashback sent jolts of pain through their bodies.

Bell, the Sniper Wild, saw Zero's pain and went up to Cryo, who was still in a heartless form. The two heartless began conversing in their own language. Bell asked him for help to stop the fight for she was worried about her master, Zero. The two heartless, Bell and Cryo, managed to get the Gargoyle and Phantomtail to leave the scene, causing the fight to end. Cryo fell unconscious and formed back into his normal self once more. Thaye rushed to Cryo's side with worry but he soon came back to consciousness. She was a bit wary about the Sniper Wild and Zero still being around. Cryo explained to her they were having a temporary truce at the moment. Then the little Sniper Wild, Bell, who was actually a good heartless, did something odd. She got Thaye and Cryo to lean down towards her and put a paw on both of their foreheads. Suddenly they all three could see each other's thoughts; it seemed this little heartless had an ability no other heartless had. Bell showed the two Wielders images of her and Zero. Several were of when she first saw Zero. He was small and hurt, and not big and powerful like present day. More were of when she helped Zero get better, stood by his side in battles, and then the images of the fire and the black-cloaked man went into the humans minds. She wanted them to understand that Zero was really not a bad person.

Other than Bell's thoughts, Thaye started to see other thoughts as well. She saw Cryo seeming to be in a desert somewhere. Her own memories became clearer in the flash of images as well as she thought of the day Aer had left and how she had forgotten about her. Nearly her whole childhood flashed through her mind in a matter of seconds until she came to the night where the heartless came and the Keyblade appeared in her hands. Then she remembered finding Cryo unconscious on the floor in Wonderland. She was so very worried about him...even then. All her adventures until now came rushing through, Cryo seeming to always be in the center of them. Then it all stopped. Cryo saw images of his own past in Agrabah and a quick shot of Chaznep and Varlexia in their black cloaks looking down on him. Once the images were finished he staggered back in surprise.

Bell was finished with these two and made her way over to Shade and Death, doing the same thing to them, showing them Zero's past and how he was not all bad. Zero was somewhat unhappy with this. He did not like Bell showing everyone his childhood, but he stayed quiet.

As the Wielders were conversing a girl and a boy appeared overhead, curiously riding talking winged wolves. Wyvern heartless and a Dustflier appeared behind them and sent the girl and her wolf falling. Much to her surprise, a Keyblade appeared in the girl's hand, and she was able to fight with it expertly. The boy started to attack the heartless and called over to the Keyblade Wielders for help. The Wielders jumped into action and attacked the heartless with full thrust.

After the battle, they discovered the girl was called Draco and the boy was Ryuu. The winged wolf Draco rode was a male wolf named Draconius, leader of his pack, and Ryuu rode one named Yume, Draconius's younger sister. Draco had a very hard life, her parents being murdered when she was younger and her brother, Kurai, blaming her for letting them get killed, left her abandoned until she met Ryuu and then lived with the winged wolves. She also had a sister who she thought was lost but at this moment another Dustflier came their way. Draco saw a vision of her older brother and sister along with herself, the older brother was showing Draco how to draw a Dustflier. Draco came back to her senses and touched the Dustflier's head. "Ookami?" she asked. This Dustflier was her very own older sister, turned into a heartless. Draco, overwhelmed that she had found her sister again, placed a headband on the Dustflier's head so no one would mistake her for an ordinary heartless and attack.

Kurai, Draco's older brother was walking through a small village when he sensed something. He had always been able to sense his sisters' aura and now the auras were coming back strong. Ookami's aura had disappeared for a time, but now he could feel it again, she was with Draco. Glad his sisters were together he continued walking.

At Darthynia, Varlexia left Cres to herself in her new room in the castle, it seemed the girl was considering joining the organization. Varlexia left through a portal to Twilight Town and there met up with a girl in the tunnels named Violeta. Varlexia discovered this girl was a Nobody, and explained to the confused girl what a Nobody was. With her smooth talk, Varlexia, who was always trying to recruit new members, talked Violeta into coming to Darthynia Castle and joining VOD. Violeta, confused and not knowing what else to do, agreed.

Aer, feeling much better now, decided to go back to Twilight Town. She and Cyroz appeared there but found no one in the Sandlot anymore. Aer, though she did not admit it, was a little worried about her sister when signs of battle were traced all across the area.

Cres, after taking a quick nap and having strange dreams about the Nobodies and Keyblade Wielders (though she had never met them before), decided to leave for a while. She opened a portal and left to Twilight Town herself. There she bumped right into Aer. Aer gave her a not so kind greeting, having an intense dislike for this girl, though she had no idea why.

Draco had been curiously sensing a Nobody in the area. The others were shocked to discover she had that ability. They all decided to go search for this Nobody in case it meant trouble. As they did, most ran into Cres, Aer, and Cyroz. Thaye was relieved, knowing Aer and Cyroz had been missing for nearly over an hour. Thaye asked who the other girl was and Aer introduces Cres with a cold air. Thaye wondered why Aer knew this girl and what she had been up to.

While Varlexia and Violeta had been conversing, Draco and Draconius made their way to the tunnels where Draco sensed the Nobodies' auras. The two stood there spying on the Nobodies when Chaznep appeared behind them. Draco turned into a wolf form and threatened to attack but knew she could not win for Chaznep held his signature sniper rifle their way. Strangely, he threw them a popsicle stick that read 'free' on it and told them to meet him at the ice cream stand. Draco and Draconius had to agree and did as he said. Once at the stand, the spoke on friendlier terms and Draco asked about Kurai, suspecting that he had turned into a Nobody and wondered if Chaznep, being a Nobody himself, had seen him. Chaznep said he had not but would look out for somebody by that name. Quite suddenly a large, blue dragon appeared from a portal of light. He told Draco his spirit resided in her Keyblade and was loyal to her until the next person received that Keyblade. Draco fainted afterwards and Draconius pulled her away with her teeth, saying goodbye to Chaznep, and taking Draco back to the other Wielders. Draco got better but was deeply saddened. Her heart was always troubled after all the hardships she had and her faint spell was more because she could not handle the depression more than because of the dragon's appearance. Thaye, being the one to always want to help, wished she could do something for the poor girl.

Chaznep made a portal and secretly appeared behind the Wielders a little distance away where he watched them. Aer moved away from the group while they were helping Draco and spotted him. She went over to him and asked what he was up to. He just said he was doing his normal information gathering and spying. He then asked her if she wanted to take his job on keeping tabs with the Wielders. She grew rather excited about this and accepted, desperately wanting to have an actually mission other than just hanging around everybody for no reason.

Everyone decided to head back to the Gummi Ship and go to a new world, but things changed when Thaye spotted Aer talking to Chaznep. Thaye quickly summoned her Keyblade, knowing Chaznep was probably trouble. Aer, still not wanting to tell her sister about VOD yet, made an act and summoned her Keyblade as well. No one seemed to suspect her while Chaznep spoke to everyone before he began the fight. Soon everyone attacked.

What a fight it was. They all fought furiously, long and hard. None had fought more than this. It turned out Draco and the wolves could fight amazingly and had a good use in magic. All put in great effort.

On the outskirts of the battle field Shade and Death were talking when Silver, Death's very sister, showed up. Death at first was not sure if it was really her, and grew rather suspicious. But she finally made him realize it was. It seemed Silver had a Keyblade of her own, though was not entirely sure what it was.

Aer, who had mostly just watched since Chaznep was truly her friend, was at first amused by the battle scene. She knew when it got too ugly Chaznep would just disappear through a portal. She had no idea that she was wrong. Draco began to stand still and close her eyes. In her outstretched hand, she began charging up lighting that made a noise that sounded like a thousand birds chirping. Her friends stood in shock as they watched. Ryuu and the wolves knew what she was doing and grew quite worried. This move was known as the Chidori, 1000 Birds technique, and might could take away all of Draco's energy and possibly even kill her.

Thaye, who was determined to not let this man hurt her friends, started to slash at his middle with fierce. Aer grew worried, knowing the hit might harm Chaznep, thus made a portal and placed herself between Thaye's attacked and Chaznep, blocking her sister's Keyblade with her own. Thaye grew quite shocked and tried again, but Aer blocked a second time. Aer strayed Thaye away from Chaznep a little. Thaye was in a daze, having no idea why her sister was trying to protect this evil man. She asked for an explanation and Aer then blurted out that VOD was not that bad, revealing that she worked for them. Thaye grew angry and hurt. Without even thinking, she attacked Aer and the two sisters fought with great force, their Keyblades' clashes sounding out amongst the other battle that took place.

Much like Thaye and Aer, Cryo tried to attack Chaznep but was blocked by Cyroz. Chaznep yelled at them to stop but Cyroz refused. Thus Chaznep warped behind him and clubbed him over the head to knock him out. Chaznep had an ability to talk to people through special voice warps, and opened one near Aer's ear. He said, " If I go down, I want Cyroz to take my place as the medic, teach him everything I taught you and everything you learned, and when you think he is ready have him enter my room. It will have the things I haven't shown anyone. And you know that lock that prevented anyone through into my room, don't unlock it but the pass for Cyroz to use is Namine"

Thaye and Aer continued to fight until Aer broke it off. "I am sorry, Thaye, but I am afraid we have grown too far apart. We are much too different now," she said. Thaye was overcome by sadness. What had happened to her sister? After that, Aer heard Chaznep's words in her ear. She was so confused and tried to question him but it was too late.

Chaznep got ready for the next attack, but was not able to dodge when Draco threw her oversized Chidori, now a massive ball of lightning, at him. With a cry, Chaznep fell to the ground. His body seemed to disappear upwards in pink diamond bits in the shape of his bullets. Draco fell to her knees breathless, but she did not die from the loss of energy.

Aer, growing utterly angry and upset that her friend just died, rushed over to Draco and pointed her Keyblade at Draco's neck threateningly, calling her a monster. Thaye tried to intervene, wondering how her sister could have become this way, but Aer pushed her off. Draco screamed back at Aer, severely angry that Aer called her a monster, for that was a name that haunted her. Since her transformation abilities were discovered, all called her a monster. Aer just stayed angry and gave Draco a threat before disappearing through a portal. Thaye stood there dumbfounded. Everything was changing so quickly she could not take it all in, and nothing was changing for the better. She felt dead inside.

Aer stomped into Darthynia Castle through her portal where she found Varlexia and Violeta. Varlexia asked if everything was okay and Aer, in a fitful scream, said it was certainly not. Not wanting to talk about it in front of this newcomer, she marched to her room and broke into tears. To her horror, Yexarv heard her crying and came into her room to see what had upset her. Usually it was his fault when she was distraught, so he was curious what it was since he knew he was not the cause of it. Aer certainly did not want him seeing her crying and was most confused at him actually speaking to her on friendly terms. Finally she blurted out that Chaznep was dead. With anger and tears, she thrust her Keyblade into the wall, claiming that Yexarv had been right, Keyblade Wielders were bad, all of them. Yexarv slumped to the ground in shock. Chaznep had been his first friend. Now he was gone. He then got back up and went into a fit of rage, vowing to destroy whoever did this as he stormed from the room.

Draco began reliving the day when she lost her family. The murderer had come into her home, killing her parents. She tripped him out a window where he died but her brother Kurai blamed her for not saving their parents in time. She was so powerful, he thought she could do it. Draco burst into tears as she remembered that dreadful day.

In an entirely different world, Kurai was thinking to himself about how he treated his sister. He knew she was searching for him, but he was determined not to let her find him. He was too ashamed how he had treated her. He had turned into a Nobody, yet he could still feel that sorrow. He did not think his sister would ever truly forgive him for what he did to her, so he never went back.

Thaye walked a bit away from the group and sat in a corner to weep. After seeing what Aer was now like, the sorrow overwhelmed her. Everything was falling apart. Cryo came over and sat next to her. He said he wanted to tell her something he had not revealed before. He finally told her the truth about when he disappeared before in Traverse Town and came back as a heartless. He told her Aer was a part of the Nobodies group and had schemed to get him to join them. Thaye was in utter shock as she realized she and her sister were on opposite sides; they were enemies. Cryo tried to comfort her by saying they were not enemies. He was beginning to wonder if the Nobodies and heartless really were not bad. This was a new concept to Thaye and she was not sure what to think.

Thaye then asked Cryo something she had wanted to since the fight with Zero when she saw him go into his heartless form again. She had thought he was back to normal, but maybe not. Sadly, she inquired if he was still a heartless. She feared he had no heart now and the thought depressed her greatly. Cryo really did not know, but he still seemed to have his feelings, so was definitely not all heartless. Thaye said she had enjoyed their adventure, for she had always wanted an adventure her whole life, but now it was growing hard. One thing that was good about it was meeting Cryo. Cryo responded with a smile and said, "And I can't imagine being without you now." They then promised to get everything fixed; together.

Aer followed Yexarv out of her room, shocked at her own self for doing so, and asked for his help. She thought maybe if they worked together they could avenge Chaznep. She could not believe what she was doing, she despised Yexarv, but she felt lonely and desperate. Yexarv said Chaznep was not one for revenge and would not want them to do that. Instead he just asked how it happened.

Draco was sleeping from exhaustion after using her Chidori move and began dreaming about that day she lost her family, wondering why the darkness chose to torture her and everything bad always happened to her. Suddenly he dream turned into a white nothingness and there the blue dragon appeared. He introduced himself as Blueclaw and gave her comfort, telling her she must keep following the light so the darkness would not torture her.

Aer told Yexarv how Chaznep died. Yexarv then said Chaznep had told him things some years ago. One, he wanted to wear bunny slippers when he died. This amused Aer, knowing Chaznep was a little odd anyway. The other thing was that Chaznep wanted to leave a legacy, a future to someone to carry on his jobs. Aer then remembered Chaznep's last words to her, how he wanted her to help Cyroz carry on his jobs. She felt like a failure to Chaznep. She had left Cyroz in Twilight Town, when he did not even know how to use portals yet, and had not done anything Chaznep had asked. Yexarv offered to go get him, making Aer surprised for his willingness to help her. He just claimed it was for Chaznep.

Cyroz had been unconscious in Twilight Town ever since Chaznep clubbed him in the head. He eventually woke up and started to search for Aer, a little bit dazed and confused. In an alleyway he found a single bunny slipper and picked it up, most bewildered by it. Moments after Yexarv appeared through a portal and pulled the confused Cyroz through and back to Aer. Yexarv and Aer laughed when they saw the bunny slipper still in Cyroz's hand, deciding Chaznep must have gotten his wish after all.

Appearing in the halls of Darthynia Castle two other visitors came unnoticed. One was a male Nobody named Vissix who had a cat always with him he called Maribell. He was not sure where he was but when Maribell dashed through the halls, he had to follow. When he stopped just outside of the main room and saw two people there, he promptly fainted. It had been quite a day for him. Varlexia took note of him and found this very curious. She dragged him through a portal and set him in the med room, wondering where Chaznep was for he was much better at cure spells than she was. Casting cure on the boy best she could, she left him there with the other unconscious boy (Irixa) and started to head back to Violeta.

The other was Kurai himself who began wandering the halls with curiosity. He eventually came to where Varlexia and Violeta were as well. Not ready yet to show himself, he sat outside the door and listened while he meditated.

Yexarv and Aer told Cyroz what happened to Chaznep (for he had been unconscious through Chaznep's dying) and he was jolted with shock. Soon after, Varlexia came down the halls, heading back for the main room, when she spotted the three and came just in time to hear Yexarv say Chaznep was dead. She, too, was taken with shock and surprise. Cyroz unexpectedly asked for a place to train and then left abruptly, leaving the others in confusion. Then Varlexia left as well to tend to her other duties. The Nobodies were taken by shock, but without actually hearts they could not truly grieve, only remember how they use to feel when they felt sorrow. Aer was not sure what to do now, she felt so alone, but then Yexarv asked her if she wanted to help him with something, a job Chaznep had given him that he needed to edit now. She agreed, still surprised by his friendly behavior.

While Kurai meditated in his curious fashion, a dark aura pulsated from him and started to go around the castle. The ones in the castle were confused what this was. As Varlexia neared the main room, she spotted Kurai and demanded him to tell her who he was and what he was doing. He opened up his eyes and introduced himself as Kurai Hatake, saying he was meditating and the darkness always seems to come around him and make that pattern when he did so. He explained he had been trying to get to Olympus Coliseum but somehow ended up in this castle instead. Varlexia's mood changed upon hearing this. It seemed fate brought this boy here for she could sense he was a Nobody. Always wanting new members to join VOD, she suddenly changed her demeanor to a more kind one.

Yexarv took Aer to a room with many small terraces in the ground with markers on each glowing a bluish green color and bore the symbol of the Nobody. On the symbol of each one was the name of a member of the VOD, their VOD title, and the name of their weapons. Yexarv stopped at the one bearing the name Chaznep. Yexarv explained that his room was much like a place called Proof of Existence that Organization XIII once had. Here whenever someone new joined VOD he would add their name to a terrace or change it when they died. He held out his large poleaxe towards Chaznep's and a small beam came out from the weapon. The terrace changed to a glowing red. Aer just watched with sadness.

Varlexia felt like her luck went up when the boy she took to the med room came out now, holding his cat, and seeming to be a Nobody himself. Kurai had agreed to join VOD, Violeta was enthusiastic about helping to get her heart back, and now this one, Vissix his name was, joined as well. Chaznep's death was a great loss to the organization, but now three more were here to help. It seemed things were going up. Vissix was bit confused how he had even gotten here, but decided to join as well. He introduced Meribell also and explained she was actually his daughter, accidently changed by one of his own failed science experiences years ago before he became a Nobody. Ever since, he has been trying to find a way to bring her back. Kurai had also been telling Varlexia about Draco and how he wanted to make sure he did not get around her. Varlexia grew interesting in this girl, Draco, for she sounded very powerful. Varlexia hoped maybe someday to use that girl's power for VOD. Afterwards, Varlexia took the new members to the rooms they would be staying in and let them get settled.

Back in Twilight Town, the Keyblade Wielders and everyone gathered around the Gummi Ship and decide to leave to another world. Ryuu thankfully had a map and they all decide to go to Neverland. Piling in the Gummi Ship best they could, they headed off for the next world, all rather excited to see what lied before them. None of them had any idea that Zero had snuck into the ship and used a cloaking power so no one could see him. He rode with them, no one aware of his presence.

After Yexarv finished with Chaznep's spot, Aer wished she had a place in here of her own. She was a member of VOD after all, just not a Nobody. Surprising her yet again, Yexarv offered to make her one. She chose a spot and dubbed her VOD name to be Dark Key to Existence, saying she was, after all, VOD's key to existence for she wielded a Keyblade to help them gain hearts, and chose the darkness over light. Once Yexarv started to make her marker, he asked what her Keyblade was called. She told him its name was Syvra, which meant silver in an old tongue she once heard. When Yexarv finished he said, "Chaznep was always ether literal or cryptic." He was talking about how he was literal about his death and what he meant by cryptic was the name of Chaznep's weapon on the marker which Yexarv just recently understood the meaning of: 'Great Departure'. Chaznep had been an interesting character indeed.

After a run-in with heartless ships in space in which Draco helped keep everyone safe by putting a force field of golden fire around the Gummi Ship, the group of Wielders and others landed in a large forest in Neverland. Everyone was quite enthralled by this lovely new world when someone came up to greet them. A mysterious Nobody named Nikto. Everyone was rather wary of him, but he did not seem to be hostile and they let him stick around for a while.

While Shade and Death wandered off a little and ended up chasing Tinkerbell, Draco told the others she had been here before and wanted to show them something, but kept it a surprise. Draco led the group and then stopped at a clearing that had a boulder covered in vines in the center, Draco parted the vines in the middle to reveal a cave entrance. The walls of the cave were covered in crystals of every color imaginable, but the most beautiful crystal was about the size of the Twilight Town Clock Tower itself, it was in the shape of a rose, and it looked like the night sky was trapped inside. Curiously, in the midst of the room was a cherry blossom tree with a swing hanging from one of its branches. The oddest thing about the place was that the cherry blossom tree was growing when the only light in the cave was coming from the crystals, there were no holes in the roof of the cave or in the walls. It was a place full of magic and mystery and filled everyone with wonder.

In Darthynia, Varlexia began speaking to Yexarv and Aer who were still in the Proof of Existence room. She watched curiously as Aer actually said thank you to Yexarv for making her a marker and Yexarv said she really was not all that bad to be around. This was definitely one of the strangest things Varlexia had ever seen or heard. She then told them about the new members and later they grew into a discussion about Organization XIII and their castle. Yexarv wished to be taken their someday but Varlexia explained that she did not know how. She explained that Organization XIII's castle is lost to them. It is in an exceedingly difficult place to get to, even with dark portals, and there was this odd aura in that world. It was like the world's aura was broken. Varlexia thought that world was slowly disappearing, though she had no idea why. It seemed Chaznep had known a way of getting there, but, sadly, that did not matter anymore. Varlexia then decided to gather everyone together and go to the training room, knowing she needed to test the new members and see where their strengths lied.

In the cave in Neverland, Draco had more to show everyone. She said there was another room but she wanted to show them one by one. Jess went first. In this room there were pictures all over the wall that seemed to tell a story, but were in an old language no one could read. On one wall there was pictures of Keyblade Wielders. This wall had pictures of Keyblades or their wielders or both, some of them were fighting Heartless, others were fighting each other. The most disturbing spot in this room was a black wall with nothing on it. The room had many relics of the past; pots, scrolls, even cloth, but the most interesting object was in the center of the room on a stand, it looked like a very large box yet instead of there being a lid there were lines all over it showing that it could be opened by sliding the pieces. Each piece had a symbol on it that was a letter in the same language as the words on the walls. Draco explained that she tried to open this box by trying to slide the pieces into certain order many times, but had yet to solve the puzzle.

Because of length, continues on next post.

Summary of Events These_12

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When no one was looking, Nikto appeared in the room Draco and Jess were in by using a dark portal. He startled them but did not explain himself. Instead he said that he guessed a large portion of this room was a long lost past of the Keyblade Wielders. Suddenly the room started to shake. The three could not get out for the door got stuck, fortunately it did not cave in. The shaking seized and the wall with the Keyblade Wielders had crumbled. The three were shocked to see that it led to another room with new pictures on the walls. Pictures of the Keyblade Wielders now, themselves. This cave had recorded what happened in the past, and was no recording the very present.

The others still in the first room of the cave, grew worried when Nikto had disappeared and more so when the ground began to rumble. They rushed for the room Draco and Jess were in and were relieved to see they were all right. They then all were stunned by the wall, which had their very selves on it. Draco saw a picture of when her family was murdered and fell to her knees overcome with sadness at the memory of it. Jess and Thaye hurried over to comfort her best they could. Draco explained that she felt it was her fault. When the residents of her home world had discovered hers and her siblings powers they feared them and wished for them to die. Someone sent the murderer to kill them and when Draco ended up killing him instead, his last words were, "I was just doing my job." Draco's life was truly nothing but sorrow.

In Darthynia, the VOD members were gathering in the large training room of the castle when Cyroz appeared as well with Sniper Nobodies following him. All were quite shocked by this and Aer asked if he summoned them. He said that he did not know, they just appeared there when he was thinking about Chaznep. Chaznep had been able to summon Sniper Nobodies and now it seemed Cyroz might have the same ability. This was yet to be determined though.

Kurai introduced himself to Aer later and mentioned Draco was his sister. At that name Aer fumed, remembering it was Draco who killed Chaznep. She cooled down a little when he assured her Draco was his enemy as well. Soon after the training began where everyone broke pots that appeared in the room with their weapons while Varlexia made them appear from behind a control panel.

In the midst of Draco's sorrow, a realization came to her. She knew the mysterious box with all the panels had a secret code the panels had to be put in, she just did not know what it was. Now she knew. Keyblade. Hurrying over to it, she tried the combination and the box came open. Out of it spilled exactly eighty-eight Keyblades, clanging down and littering the floor.

Deeper in the Neverland forest, Loen was roaming around along with his still heartless sister Yura. He had decided to stay here for a while, not ready to return to the Wielder quite yet. He was quite shocked when Yura all but disappeared. He started frantically searching for his little sister, deeply worried that something might happen to her.

Yura had wondered off all the way to the mysterious cave. She peaked her head into the room everyone was in. Normally such a large group of Keyblade Wielders would scare off heartless with all their hearts of light, especially one as small as Yura, but she was not phased. Perhaps the single remaining shard of light that lingered in her Heart allowed her to be unharmed. Yura was a different sort of Heartless. The fragment of the Heart and light that had been left behind, however, was not enough to empower her with emotions, nor was she able to speak. Like the other Heartless, she was simply a shadow, but immune to any source of burning from the light. Draconius, the winged wolf, spotted the little heartless and went to the doorway and growled at it threateningly. The wolf though then decided this heartless was different. He stepped aside and let her through the room.

The others were staring at all the Keyblades in awe. Inside the box read ' Box of a Hundred Keyblades'. Yet there were only eighty-eight. Twelve were missing. Were those twelve the Keyblades these Wielders and others now carried? Did this box hold on to all the Keyblades until they chose their owners. The Keyblades felt cold and dead, it seemed somehow sad. Draco began to wonder if they were allowed to choose a second Keyblade for themselves but the others were not too sure about this. Then suddenly Draco heard a low humming noise. She searched through the many Keyblades and pulled out one with many animals imprinted on it. As she held it, it felt as though she was running with all these wild animals on the Keyblade, she felt a surge of energy. When she came back to her senses she knew the Keyblade had chosen her.

Yura steadied the room unnoticed. As she took note that there were pictures of the Wielders on the wall, she searched for Loen's portrait. After a moment, she spotted it. It was, perhaps, the easiest to pick out because it was in such stark contrast with the other portraits it was nestled in between. The colors were mostly gray and black and although his back was not turned, his face was obscured making it slightly difficult to recognize who was in the portrait. There was a sort of blackness that rose from the floor to swirl around the black Keyblade in his left hand. Behind him was nothingness and oblivion, a wide and dull scene. It was a rather menacing portrait but the little heartless was unable to feel any emotion over it. She then went over and sat next to Thaye's feet, examining the many Keyblades piled up on the ground.

Thaye had watched in wonder as Draco gained another Keyblade when suddenly she heard a low humming herself. Searching through the cold pile, her hand grabbed onto something warm. When she pulled it out, she was shocked to see it was a Keyblade nearly identical to her own blue and silver one, yet what normally would be the blue part was green on this Keyblade. It had chosen her as well. Jess also began to hear the same humming and carefully dug through the pile and pulled out a silver Keyblade. Its blades looked like crescent moons, and on its chain was a full moon. Cloud like patterns in dark silver were etched into its sides. Picking it up with a tender hand, Jess studied the blade amazed. After that, no one else was chosen to have a second Keyblade.

Thaye let both of hers disperse and looked back down at the Keyblades. She jumped when she saw the heartless and instinctively summoned both her Keyblades now. But this heartless did not appear hostile, and it seemed alone other than in an usual large group like most heartless traveled in. Thaye let down her guard a bit, thinking it would not be right to attack.

Yura was relieved when she was not attacked and went back to studying the Keyblades. She began wondering of Loen had a second Keyblade when she spotted one in the pile. The keychain was of a single, feathered wing. The entire Keyblade was white. The guard was angular and grooved with what appeared to be small feathers while the skeleton shaft also appeared like a single wing spread in flight. It was a curious looking Keyblade, for at the center of the shaft, there was a single, red heart that the wing appeared to be spreading off of, as if the wing itself belonged to the shape. The heartless glanced down at a delicate chain necklace around her neck. On the end of her necklace was a ruby-red heart charm that matched the Keyblade perfectly. Yura had no doubts in her mind that this Keyblade must belong to Loen. Of course, Loen had no idea that he had a second Keyblade, and Yura knew that he probably would not be able to summon it until he had left the darkness behind him. But somehow, it comforted her to know that the Keyblade would be guarded deep in the underground room, sealed and holed up. There was nothing to worry about and if she could speak, she knew that Loen would be happy to hear this as well. She eventually left the room and the others let her go, knowing she meant no harm.

Draco walked over to the one black wall and spotted a mirror imbedded in the wall, she walked over to it and looked in its reflection. What she saw there shocked her. It was her but instead of having regular hands, her hands had claws, her eyes were red, black, and grey instead of brown, but the most terrifying feature of herself in the mirror was that her hand had blood on it. She stood there frozen in horror but she forced herself to look at the engraving above the mirror. It said 'Mirror of Dark Minds'. The information about the mirror was even more terrifying, it read 'Those who look in the mirror that have dark pasts shall see the hidden darkness within themselves and what form it takes.' Draco was shocked and immobilized with fear.

Cryo walked over to see what was wrong but Draco could barely speak, only stutter that the mirror was terrifying. Cryo looked into the mirror and saw himself holding a set of Keyblade keychains. Then he saw his face begin to shift and change to a heartless. The keychains were now torn pieces of cloth, but he recognized each cloth, they were from Thaye's, Aer's, Draco's, Jess's and Shade's clothes. He was shocked and scared. Would he attack his friends like that? He fell over in fear. Glancing at the mirror again, he saw a weapon appear in his hands through the reflective glass. it was about the size of a GreatSword but it seemed to be related to a Keyblade. Within a few seconds, it disappeared as Cryo shook his head to get the thoughts out of his mind.

Draco asked if the mirror did something to him as well and explained what she had first seen. She dared to look again. She saw the same image as before but this time saw dead bodies of her friends and family all around her reflection. With a gasp, Draco fell backwards and crawled away from the mirror in fear.

Thaye went over to the two to comfort them, assuring them that whatever they saw was probably an illusion of some kind. She took a glance at herself in the mirror but her reflection just stayed normal. Since she had no dark past the mirror did not affect her. Jess also looked through the mirror but found nothing unusual. Thaye asked what the other two saw, for it seemed they could not see each other in the mirror, only themselves. Draco told her what she saw while Cryo just said he did not want to talk about it. Nikto agreed that it was probably just an illusion and Thaye tried to comfort them in saying she knew they would never hurt their friends. Draco said normally she wouldn't but when she gets extremely angered she transforms and ends up turning into a mindless monster, killing everything in her path. She once broke Ryuu's leg in that way. She could not forgive herself for that and feared she would hurt more friends when she went into that state. The thought sent her into dreaded fear.

Much farther away in the forest, Shade and Death were still following Tinkerbell when Zero and his Sniper Wild, Bell, appeared in the same area. Death was extremely angered to see him but Bell intervened before they could hurt one another. Zero explained how he came here by sneaking into the Gummi Ship. Bell made sure they did not fight and the group eventually split up again.

Still looking for Yura, Loen was suddenly confronted with a mysterious, hooded man draped in black. Loen summoned his Keyblade but the man just said, "If I were here to fight you, you would have been eliminated long ago." Unfortunately, Loen knew this to be true. He had fought this man before and knew he could not beat him. In fact, this man had been chasing him for five years. He had been offering Loen an offer that is not yet revealed. Loen still refused this mysterious offer despite the man saying his time was almost up. Loen pondered over these words as the man vanished. Loen was suddenly struck with a horrible pain in shoulder. He looked over to see a black mark forming where he hurt. He fell over in unbearable pain.

Yura sensed something was wrong. Terribly wrong. She went back to the Wielders and tugged on Thaye's leg. She had to get someone to help her older brother. As a heartless there was really nothing she could do.

Thaye was somewhat surprised to see the heartless, but felt no fear towards it, instead she felt the need to help it. She knew the others might think she was crazy, but suggested they follow the heartless and see what it wanted. To her delight, everyone agreed. Just before they left, Thaye caught sight of the odd picture of Loen on the wall, though she could not distinguish who it was.

Yura took them on a chase through the forest and found Loen lying on the ground. She hurried over to him but as she did heartless formed around the area in a circle, obviously sensing the darkness in Loen's heart. The Wielders held their ground. The heartless did not seem to attack, so neither did they. It seemed pointless to kill heartless unless they attacked first, so the Wielders were learning. Loen came back from somewhat of a dazed state and was shocked to see Thaye, Cryo, and others he did not recognize. Thaye ran to his side, happy to see him again. As she looked down at him, she realized that dark picture in the cave was of him. This saddened her. He was still fighting the darkness.

Nikto was most confused why the others were not fighting the heartless. He thought this group was very odd indeed. They follow a heartless, they trust it, and they do not even fight them. Despite this, he offered to put a healing spell on Loen, seeming to know a good deal about magic. Loen claimed he did not need help, to both Nikto and Thaye, though the dark spot on his shoulder was slowing getting larger.

In the med room of Darthynia Castle, Irixa was finally coming back to consciousness. He was somewhat weak, but managed to stand and roam the castle. He found no one around until he came to a large room where everyone seemed to be residing. It looked like he stepped right into a training ground in a place he was not sure if he was an enemy in or not. The training session soon ended, with all succeeding very well. Varlexia then recognized this new comer as the one Chaznep had dumped in the med room some time ago. Sensing he was a Nobody she went to greet him with friendliness.

Thaye did not know why, but she felt terrible sorry for Loen. He was falling into the darkness farther and farther and would not let anyone help him, though he needed it desperately. Growing stubborn, she pushed him back down before he could sit up and claimed he did need help. Nikto cast a cura spell on him afterwards. "One being cannot fight a war alone," Thaye told Loen with compassion, "and I think you are fighting a war inside. You need help, whether you want it or not." Loen was confused by everyone's kindheartedness. He did not understand why someone would help a wreck like him.

Draco introduced herself to Loen, then turned to Ookami, her heartless sister, who was trying to get her attention. Draco touched the Dustflier and saw a vision of Ookami's human self. In the vision Ookami was gathering energy in her hand but instead of the energy turning into lightning it just compressed itself into a sphere that fit into the palm of Ookami's hand perfectly. Draco heard a voice say "Rasengan!" in her mind and the human Ookami slammed the sphere into the ground creating a crater, then the vision faded. Draco understood that her sister wanted to teach her this move. It was vital for her to be strong enough to protect others.

While everyone in Darthynia Castle were conversing with Irixa, trying to explain things to him, Kurai's left arm began to hurt. He looked down at his hand to find a Yin-Yang symbol there, but only the black half, not the white. The symbol began to pulse and fill the room with a sinister black light. At the same moment, Draco felt a pain in her right hand and found the white half of the Yin-Yang symbol there. It started to glow with pure light, surrounding the entire area.

In Vissix's room in the castle, Maribell the cat stared up at Vissix with wide eyes. How she awaited the day! Her body may have been turned, but mind had not. She had been formulating plans for these last four years. What the scientist had mistook for love and understanding in her eyes had really been contempt and brewing plans. When he changed her back, she would finally have her revenge. Her father had taken away her childhood and when this was over, she will have taken his life. Everything was going according to plan. The staged heartless attack, the fading of his friends, keeping him alive in his worst days by begging for food, even redirecting the portals arriving destination to the VOD castle, had all been pulled off flawlessly. She marveled at her 13 year old mind. She had even tricked the cold man into believing she actually cared for him. The process was going well.

In the bright flash of light, Loen felt uncomfortable. He took more comfort in the darkness as he fell farther into it. Claiming he was leaving for a bit, he slipped away from the group. Thaye was most curious as to what was causing this light, but she was not about to let Loen get away again. She hurried after him to a spot that was not so bright. "You're not leaving again are you?" she asked in a hurt tone. She just would not let him. Cryo followed after her, asking Loen if he knew why he why he could turn into a heartless. Since Loen had darkness in him he might know the answer to this mystery.

Kurai's dark light continued to fill the room as well as Draco's white light many worlds apart from each other. Suddenly a utterly black, evil looking dragon appeared in the training room before Kurai and dragged the Nobody through a portal, closing it behind them. On Draco's end, a pure white dragon appeared and took her through a light portal, leaving it open behind them.

The two were brought into a mist covered land. The moment Draco spotted her brother she ran and threw her arms around him. She asked why he had left her and never came back. He explained he had felt ashamed for how he treated her and could not face her with that hanging over his head. She just looked at him, wondering how he could have done that to her. Then the dragons came and the white one explained that this was a world between darkness and light, one not overpowering the other but completely equal.

The others in the Darthynia Castle training room just stood stunned when the dragon came and left with Kurai. Varlexia pulled out her flute which morphed into her ice sword but the beast disappeared too quick. Then she began thinking. What was that thing? It seemed so powerful. She wanted it. Varlexia always wanted something as powerful as that.

Before the dragon had come, Aer had disappeared through a portal, still feeling saddened about Chaznep, and went to look out the large window of the main room at Kingdom Hearts. To her annoyance Yexarv appeared behind her. He said he wanted to know if she wanted to come with him. Chaznep, one to always try to learn everything, had discovered a place full of mystery. Yexarv thought Chaznep would want Aer to at least see it. Yexarv surely had been full of surprises this day. Somewhat honored and curious by this, Aer agreed.

Loen clenched his fist when he heard Thaye's voice and stopped, wondering why she always seemed to have the power to stop him. "I can and I will," he replied to her question about him leaving. " I thought I said not to involve yourself with me." He just did not understand why she kept trying to help him like this. He then answered Cryo's question, "Then you have darkness inside. You can’t stand on the fence for very long." He had learned this the hard way. He proceeded tell Thaye that she was letting emotions get in the way of her mission.

Thaye was shocked by this, and claimed that she was not. "I think it is my mission as a Keyblade Wielder to help those who need it, to stop darkness from spreading through people," she said passionately. She summoned her Keyblade and stared down at it. "I would be a failure as a Wielder if I let everyone who had darkness slip by me without trying to help them," her words were quieter this time. "I would not be worthy to hold this Keyblade." She then dismissed it to make her point and looked back up at Loen. "Don't you see that?" she asked almost pleadingly. She just wanted him to understand.

Loen was not sure what to do. If he continued hanging around this group, when he fully succumbed to darkness he very may accidently kill them. He just couldn't let that happen. Summoning his Keyblade he said, "Perhaps we should settle this the old-fashioned way?" He didn't want to hurt them, he just had to get rid of them and prove he was a danger if he stuck around. Yet he felt something...affection? He was glad to know he still had a heart somewhere amidst all that darkness.

In the world of dark and light, the black dragon tried to attack Draco for it was filled with pure evil. Kurai saved her in the nick of time before the dragon stabbed her with the spikes on his tail. Draco began sensing a Nobody, and with tears welling realized it was her own brother. He really had turned into a Nobody.

Ryuu and the wolves ran through the portal that the white dragon had left open. The ran through a place of bright light and then into fog only to find themselves outside the portal again. They tried once more but over and over it just took them in a never ending circle where they could not reach their friend.

Thaye was taken by great surprise at Loen's action. She could not believe he might actually attack them. Her sadness was growing to shock and then her shock was turning into anger. Loen closed his eyes for a moment and that is when it happened. Thaye did not plan it, nor would she have ever thought she had it in her; but at that moment she summoned a Keyblade, dashed towards him, and bashed him in the head as hard as she could. Then she realized what she did and stumbled backwards, dropping her Keyblade. Cryo moved in to catch her as she stumbled, making sure she was all right.

The black dragon knocked Kurai away and tried to hit Draco again. A black aura hit her in the heart but it did not kill her, just fill her with a great pain. Draco suddenly felt like the darkness was taking over her mind. She tried hard to fight it but the darkness that was already in her heart was a result of the pain, fear, rage, and all the other negative emotions she had felt was trying to help the poison-like darkness take over her. The black dragon chuckled with satisfaction and said, "Soon she will become the thing she has always feared becoming, soon she will become a mindless monster that kills others, and her first targets will be...her friends." Kurai quickly took Draco out of the portal and then called for help as Draco laid unconscious.

From darkness inside Loen, a black tendril wisped out of his arm and swatted Thaye's Keyblade away before she could do any damage. The tendril soon disappeared and Loen kneeled down from loss of energy. It tired him out whenever he used the darkness because it was forced. He looked at Thaye and told her that her friend was in trouble and she should go. Cryo agreed they should help Draco. Nikto, who had been standing nearby, claimed he had too many surprises for one day, then disappeared through a portal. Thaye was so confused. She wanted to help Loen and Draco as well, but she knew if she went to Draco Loen would just leave. Clenching her fist, she glared at him. "Fine! Let the darkness take you!" she exclaimed. "I was just trying to help!" After that, she jumped up and ran to the others. Sighing and frustrated at herself, Thaye hurried over to Draco with Cryo beside her. Just as Thaye knew he would, Loen scooped up Yura and left.

Though no one knew who he was, Kurai explained what happened in the portal and said Draco's wounds did not seem to be on the outside but the inside; she was being taken over by darkness. He did not know how to heal her. Cryo kneeled down beside the girl and took her hand. "Don't give up, fight it like you fought Chaznep," he tried to encourage. "Even if you take to darkness keep control of yourself and don't let the darkness take you." Draco could hear Cryo's words and realized he was right, she couldn't give up. Suddenly the blue dragon from her Keyblade appeared. He took something black from her heart and placed it in a jar, then disappeared as quickly as he came. Draco was then back to normal but overwhelmingly exhausted. She stumbled over to her brother and asked with sorrow why he had become a Nobody. Kurai said nothing, instead he used a portal and tried to leave, but Draco grabbed his arm. He looked at her and saw the desperation in her eyes, he almost felt...pity for her. He shook it off and pulled his arm away from her and disappeared into the portal, back to VOD castle.

The others watched him leave with confusion. Draco mumbled something about him being her brother. She just did not understand why he left her. Then she realized it was okay if she was hurt, for she felt no pain. Draco felt hollow inside, she didn't feel any emotions at all. Her life had taken a turn for the worst, her sister was a Heartless and her brother was a Nobody, and she had no hope that she could see at the moment.

Thaye tried to encourage her by summoning her Keyblade. "Look, we will save your brother somehow. Maybe we can...maybe there is something...we..." her voice faded. How could they use their Keyblades to save a Nobody? It was one thing to help someone with darkness in their hearts, but helping someone with no heart at all...was it possible? Thaye tried to remember the old stories she lived on about Sora and the others. She knew there was a group of Nobodies called Organization XIII that tried to make something to bring their hearts back. Was that what the Nobodies they saw now were doing? If they continued on their quest would they stop the Nobodies from getting hearts...including Kurai? Yet killing heartless also seemed meaningless. Thaye had seen Cryo turn into a heartless while Draco's sister and Loen's sister were heartless themselves. Thaye worried that every heartless they killed might be a loved one of somebody. She fell to her knees in defeat. Everything had changed, and she had no idea what they supposed to be doing anymore.

Yexarv opened a portal and brought Aer into a white room with nothing but a single chair and a door. Upon the chair sat a clipboard with drawings upon it. Aer looked around with question and asked what this place was. Yexarv said that Chaznep thought it was a place known as Castle Oblivion possibly once ruled by Organization XIII he suspected. Though the whole story on this place was a bit fuzzy. Aer recalled stories about such a place as this. She wanted to ask more but at that moment a man stepped into the room from the doorway.

Draco looked at Thaye expecting to feel sympathy for her confusion, but she felt...nothing. It was like the invading darkness that was removed from her had taken her emotions with it. She began to wonder if she was a Nobody but upon checking she felt her heart beating inside her chest. So why the lack of emotions?

Cryo sat and pondered a moment before speaking. "Maybe our job isn't to kill a specific species or organization. Maybe we are here to keep balance between light and dark," he suggested. Thaye thought about this entirely new idea. She had always wanted the world to be full of light, but maybe he was right. After all, the legendary Riku had chosen a path between darkness and light, yet he had not been evil at all. Thaye was not sure about this, but she thought maybe it was the best way of looking at things. Maybe they would not have to harm the heartless and Nobodies this way.

Draco heard what Cryo said but just got up and headed back for the cave. Ryuu and the wolves followed. She turned and gave them a deadly glare that obviously stated she wished to be alone. Much to her friends surprise, she made a wall of poisonous, thorny vines, in front of them so they would not follow before going to the cave. They all wondered what could have happened to her. She would have never done that before. She had changed.

In Castle Oblivion, the man stepped into the room and staggered back a little in shock. "Fryd dra?" he exclaimed, seeming to be speaking in another language. Yexarv and Aer demanded to know who he was. The man said he would like to know the same thing. Then mentioned their black clothes and seemed to know they were from VOD. The two were shocked he knew about VOD and demanded yet again information. The man smiled. "Sorry, I am much like a magician," he said as his weapon formed on his back "I don't reveal my secrets." He then grabbed his gunblade which showed two words on it in his home language VYDAT SAADEHK engraved in black on the blade as he drew it, ready for a fight.

Draco went on the swing hanging on the cherry blossom tree in the cave and remembered how she and her siblings used to swing here and look up at the cave roof that was a duplicate of the night sky. She then went back to the room with the Keyblades and wall drawings. Going to the mirror, she saw the same terrifying image of herself as before, but this time it did not send her any fear. Suddenly her mirror image spoke. It said that she was going to become a monster and the only way for her to find happiness was to kill all those she loves. To become a bloodthirsty monster and spill the blood of all her friends and family. Draco screamed at the reflection, that called itself Akuma though claimed to truly be Draco herself. Draco insisted, in a fit of screams, that none of that would ever happen. Akuma then disappeared. Draco had beaten her own least for now.

Kurai had appeared back in his room at VOD's castle and laid on the bed, pondering over everything that happened. He started to remember the emotion of sorrow, but tossed it aside not wanting to have anything to do with it. Then he caught a vision of Draco's eyes when he saw her moments ago. She was so happy to see him for the first time in eleven years yet her eyes quickly turned to sorrow as he left her. Kurai sighed and brought a few of his belongings into his room. When everything was decorated as he wanted it, he brought a piano in and began playing a mournful tune and sung the lyrics as he did, filling the castle with his music.

At the same time Draco went into yet another room of the cave where a beautiful, crystal piano sat. Sitting upon the crystal bench, she, too, began to play a sorrowful song and sing as she tried to get her bearings. Life was so hard.

Outside the cave, everyone realized what must have happened to Draco. It seemed when the dragon took the darkness away it also took something else, all of Draco's positive emotions. Now she could only feel negative emotions. Everyone was deeply grieved by this thought. going around the wall of thorns, they hurried to the cave.

In the main room, Varlexia was playing her flute, something she did in her spare time. This flute turned into her ice blade when she had need of it, but for now she just put it in her lap and pondered over the day. Everyone went their separate ways after the incident in the training room. Varlexia wondered what had happened to Kurai, but with no heart she did not worry. Soon Cyroz appeared in the room, not knowing what to do. He was still somewhat new to everything and Chaznep and Aer were his only friends. Varlexia spoke kindly to him and tried to find him something to do. He asked if she could show him how to use the dark portals, for he had yet to learn. Varlexia, somewhat mad at Aer for not training Cyroz like she supposed to, agreed. Suddenly they could hear music and singing. Varlexia recognized it as Kurai's voice and was pleased he had come back. She then taught Cyroz how to do a portal and Cyroz managed to open up a portal in Neverand.

Draco stopped playing the piano when she saw a portal appear behind her. Jumping through, she found herself before a male and female in a large white room. She had appeared in Darthynia Castle and now faced Cyroz and Varlexia. She recognized Varlexia from the tunnels in Twilight Town and immediately summoned her Keyblades and drew into a defensive stance. Varlexia just merely said, "May I help you," in a calm manner as if Draco was a guest. Varlexia was not one to attack unless the other attacked first, plus she saw this girl had a Keyblade, so she did not want to kill her. Cyroz on the other hand jumped back and summoned his Keyblade ready, knowing this was the one that had killed Chaznep. During this endeavor his portal closed. Draco spat out she did not need any help, she just wanted her brother. But her sentence was cut short when she fell on her knees coughing up blood. Moaning her brother's name, she passed out. "Well that was odd," Varlexia said casually as she raised on eyebrow. She turned to ask Cyroz if we would fetch Kurai but then found him with his Keyblade out looking a little distraught. She asked what was wrong and he claimed it was nothing, just a reflex, not revealing to her who this girl really was.

Kurai, sensing something was wrong with his sister, made his way to the main room where he was surprised to find her there unconscious, lying in a pool of blood. He explained that something was wrong with her heart and it must have been acting up. Just then Ookami, who had made a portal of her own for she was a heartless, appeared in the room. Seeing Draco on the floor, she went to attack Varlexia and Cyroz but Kurai jumped in front of her, assuring her they did not harm Draco. Lifting his sister, he asked where the med room was, knowing she needed medical attention quickly.

Irixa was wandering the halls of the castle as he slipped into a memory before he had become a Nobody. Airi, as he was called then, was sparring with his brother Hakudo with bo sticks. The two seemed to enjoy playing with each other in this way. The match ended as soon as it began and the brothers bowed respectfully to one another. Irixa's mind returned to the present. He wanted those days again. A little bit later he had another memory, a much less pleasant one. It was of his brother running out with real weapons in his hand, saying that they were allowed to use these now. But then their militaristic, seemingly heartless father told them to sprawl with them. Ten year old boys fighting with real weapons. They had to obey but that is when it happened, Airi's weapon stuck into Hakudo by accident and his brother died. Snapping back to reality, Irixa clutched his head. Though he could not feel it, he could still remember the agony he felt then. Every time he looked at his hands he saw blood and when he looked in a mirror he saw a murderer.

Still in Castle Oblivion, Aer and Yexarv found themselves fighting this mysterious man, dodging shots and blows from his gunblade weapon. Yexarv had seen this kind of weapon before, but Aer had not and had to be extra careful for she was unsure what it did.

Varlexia and Cyroz were most confused when a Dustflier came waltzing in through a portal of its own. The room was getting rather crowded. Not thinking much of it, Varlexia turned her thoughts back to Draco. She now realized who this girl was; the one who killed Chaznep. She was not so sure she wanted to help Draco, throwing her back through a portal and leaving her be seemed like a much better plan. But ever since Kurai had told her of this girl's power she had wanted it for VOD. Having no emotion she was not exactly bitter about Draco killing Chaznep, but she certainly did not like this girl. In the end though, she opened up a portal that led to the med room for Kurai. She asked if they could kill this Dustflier and he said it was his other sister. With this he left the room and cared for Draco in the infirmary.

Now in the cave with the crystal piano, everyone was most worried about where Draco went. They knew there was nowhere else to go in the cave and she had not left since she went in. Draconius then realized that the Nobodies must have taken her through a portal since she killed one of their own, it seemed to be the only explanation. Now they all pondered with worry how to get to her. Cryo said he thought he knew where she was, for he had been there when he turned into a heartless, but he had no clue how to get there now.

In the main room, Cyroz scolded himself for not killing Draco when he had the chance. Kurai came in time to hear it and said if he did kill Draco Cyroz would have to face him. Though Kurai was a Nobody he still had a sense of kin loyalty and claimed if anyone harmed his sister he would not join VOD. Cyroz and Kurai grew into a intense argument. Chaznep's death hit Cyroz hard and until now he had been keeping it under wraps. During the argument, Draco, feeling better now, found her way back into the room and listened in. "I...killed somebody?" she asked with shock. It seems when she grows into her monstrous state she does not even remember what all happens. All this time she really had no idea she killed this Chaznep person everyone had been talking about. Cyroz was still angry and did not trust her. He stormed out of the room to be alone. Draco was shocked. Since growing angry in the battle with Chaznep, she had no control over her body and remembered nothing until waking up from unconsciousness in the Gummi Ship on the way to Neverland. Feeling terrible for what all she had done, she fell to the floor and wept.

Irixa had been standing outside the room watching the whole scene hidden. He enjoyed watching the drama of things in his sardonic way.

Kurai pulled Draco to her feet. He told her they were going to train her so she can learn to control her powers. It was time she learned. He asked Varlexia if she could stay. Now Varlexia was at a conflict. On the first hand, she really did not like this girl and did not exactly enjoy the idea of her staying here in the castle, especially if she had the potential to kill them all. On the other hand, Draco was very powerful and a Keyblade Wielder, and having her join VOD would be a great asset to building Kingdom Hearts. She was on Cyroz's side of this, but she still wanted that power. Deciding to give it a trial round, she agreed and then Kurai and Draco left for the training room while Varlexia left in the opposite direction, hoping she made the right decision.

Still fighting the man in Castle Oblivion, Aer went to slash at him but suddenly felt dizzy and pulled away. She looked up at the man. He seemed...familiar. "Who are you?" she asked in nearly a whisper. The man said his name was Nikto, but that was all he would say. With her head still throbbing and confusion building up, Aer asked if his name had always been that. Yexarv just watched with confusion, wondering what Aer was getting at. Nikto answered Aer that it had been for a very long time. He put his weapon over her shoulder, it seemed the fight had stopped.

Walking through the halls, Varlexia heard a noise and found it coming from Cyroz's room. Cyroz had been throwing his Keyblade all around in anger. He just did not understand why Chaznep had stopped him from helping. Why had Chaznep continued fighting and died in the first place? Varlexia walked in and looked at the damage room in amusement. She asked why it seemed Cyroz had more emotion than he should, being a Nobody, but he did not know.

After a hard round of training, Kurai led Draco and Ookami the Dustflier into his room. He told them they need to stay here or otherwise might be killed by the others. Draco needed to stay in the castle so he could train her but would have to hide here until the others trusted her. Draco began wondering why Kurai was being so kind without a heart and questioned if Nobodies really had hearts. He assured her they did not and she said no more about it.

Varlexia, still in Cyroz's room, asked him if he would like to take over Chaznep's job of keeping tabs on the Keyblade Wielders. She offered to go with him the first few times so she could train him and continue helping him learn how to do the portals easier. Cyroz agreed and managed to open a portal just outside the cave in Neverland.

Inside the cave, the group was still trying to figure out how to get to Draco when they realized Ookami was gone. They decided she must have gone to be with Draco and this gave them comfort. Cryo then suggested someone make him mad so he could turn into his heartless form and maybe get to Draco that way. Ryuu yelled loudly in his ear but Cryo was not wavered. Thaye did not like this plan at all. She still hated the thought of Cryo being part heartless and she just did not want to see his heartless form again. Unfortunately, when Ryuu was unable to make him mad, Thaye feared she would have to help. She did not want to, but Draco might be in grave danger. She was going to have to put personal feelings aside for now. Going over to Cryo, attempting to look angry, she gave him a slap on the cheek and screamed at him, claiming he was worthless. She tried to stay strong and not give herself away, but tears formed in her eyes and she broke down, apologizing to Cryo and letting him know she did not mean it. It was all in vain anyway for Cryo knew she did not and it did not waver him. Everyone grew hopeless again when they realized this was not working.

Aer was still trying to figure out who this guy was as her head pounded. His eyes...they just looked so familiar. Then it came to her. Staring at him wide eyed she said, "''" She could not believe it nor could Yexarv. Nikto, or Chaznep, pointed at her. "Bingo." It seemed he had used his expertise in disguises to fool everyone. Aer was overcome with joy and gave him a hug, something that she normally would not have done. He was a bit surprised but she quickly went back to her normal self, pointing her Keyblade at him and yelling at him to never do that again.

In the woods of Neverland, Loen was now about to leave with Yura when the heartless began to sense someone. He went to investigate and spotted Cyroz and Varlexia near the cave entrance. He was taken aback. ”Arevail…?” he gasped to himself as he looked at Varlexia. Could it really be her? Varlexia also sensed someone nearby and then she and Cryoz ran into Loen. He quickly realized this was not who he thought it was...but it was Arevail's Nobody. His childhood friend in their hometown Nibelheim, now a Nobody.

Shade and Death, after a little run-in with some Lost Boys, ended up going back to the others only to find them in a wondrous cave. Everyone was most happy to see them and began explaining everything that had happened while they were gone.

Yexarv and Aer demanded Chaznep to tell them why he faked his own death, but he would not give them any information other than for his own research and perhaps to advance the speed of Kingdom Hearts, though the latter he was still working on. He did not wish them to reveal to the others he was alive or here. Aer thought him a traitor to VOD and just could not understand. Chaznep told them that faking his own death was basically a resignation letter from VOD. He thought he could help make Kingdom Hearts better alone, and did not give them any more information than that. Aer and Yexarv wanted more answers, but he would not give them. Eventually he left the room, with a slight threat that if they followed him he may have to fight them again. Yexarv was lost in confusion and Aer in sadness. What had happened to their friend?

Varlexia recognized Loen right off, and just greeted him casually. Having no heart she could feel nothing at seeing her long lost friend. She had never told a soul about her past in Nibelheim. After that world had been taken by darkness, she changed into a Nobody and never saw her friend again. Varlexia was a very curious one, and now questioned what he had been doing. Loen was somewhat glad she remembered him. He just answered her that he had been doing nothing in particular. It was the truth. He had mostly just been world hopping, hoping to find a way to restore his sister. He asked if she was searching to restore her own heart and Varlexia replied, with determination, that she was. She introduced Cyroz though he and Loen had already seen each other before in Twilight Town, yet neither let on to Varlexia that they had. Loen did hint that he might know a little something about VOD, for he did, but he did not actually say it. Varlexia was somewhat suspicious though. Thinking of Yura who sat on his shoulder, Loen asked her if she knew how to restore heartless bodies. Varlexia did not but then started thinking that Loen might be perfect for VOD. She could sense darkness inside him, maybe he would join.

Draconius had strayed away from the group to the room with the wall drawings. He was looking at a picture with Draco holding both her Keyblades in it. He then saw something hanging from her neck that started to glow. Draconius looked closer and saw that it was a Night Crystal hanging around her neck in the shape of a crescent moon with a tiny sky blue crystal in the shape of a dragon dangling from the tip of the crescent moon. Draconius looked even closer at the sky blue crystal shaped like a dragon and realized that it was not just any old crystal, it was an Aura Crystal. He called the others into the room and showed them. Draconius explained that with these one can sense someone's aura just by using the crystal. This way they could find Draco's whereabouts much easier. Hopes were high but quickly plummeted when Ryuu reminded Draconius that one has to be able to sense aura to use it and as far as he knew Draco was the only one who can sense aura. He was right. No one here had that ability.

As Loen and Varlexia conversed, Cyroz stayed quiet. He learned from being with Aer to shut his trap unless told to by someone more higher in prestige. He wasn't being completely useless though, he was listening to two conversations both in the cave and with Varlexia and Loen.

Draconius looked back at the painting and realized there were two types of crystals on the necklace, for there was both a Night Crystal and an Aura Crystal. He thought for a moment, trying to figure out why. Then another idea came to mind. "Ryuu, remember the marks that Draco gave us so we'd be able to communicate with Draco through thoughts?" he asked. Ryuu had. "Well, if we use that link and focus it into a Night Crystal, which intensifies someone's focus, then we will be able to use the Aura Crystal to locate Draco! The link will be intensified so we can track the link to Draco since all the communications go to her before they are sent to anyone because the mark is a part of her!" Ryuu realized this would work, but they were going to have to work fast in order to find Draco. The two crystals had to be touching for this plan to work. Draconius looked at the painting on the wall once more. The crystals were hanging from a necklace on Draco's portrait. That was when an idea came. They would make a necklace like that.

Everyone grew very excited when they realized this was going to work, and quickly offered their services. Draconius began giving out orders. Shade and Thaye were to carve the crystals into the shape of a crescent moon with a star that interlocked with each other; Cryo, who had some string for the necklace, needed to reinforce the string with something so it would not break; Ryuu would help anyone who needed it for his parents had run a jewelry store so would have the most expertise; all the while, Draconius and Yume were going to clean up the spilled Keyblades from the box so everything would be ready when they left.

Everyone got to work with hopeful hearts. They were going to save Draco, one way or another.


If you just read all that cookies for you!^_^ I may continue it for later events from RPing here just to keep it updated. But for now that is just all that happened while we were RPing on Wajas.

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Summary of Events
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