In the Kingdom Hearts Universe, the worlds have been in peace for nearly 200 years. Now darkness is creeping into the worlds again and along with it, Heartless, Nobodies, and Keyblades. What will become of these darkened worlds?
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Nearly 200 Years have passed since the worlds were saved by the legendary Sora, and the universe has been filled with light and peace since; while Keyblades have turned into just legends and tales. Now darkness is creeping back into the shadows and Heartless with it. Nobodies are being born again and, following the ways of Organization XIII, have built a castle and are trying to remake Kingdom Hearts once more; forming a group known as Voided Organization of Darkness, or VOD. All the while, Keyblades are now returning and appearing in the hands of the unexpected. Now these Wielders must decide what to do with these peculiar weapons and how to stop the darkness from taking over.

What will become of these darkened worlds?

May 2019
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 Nobodies Not of VOD Form

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PostSubject: Nobodies Not of VOD Form   Nobodies Not of VOD Form Icon_minitimeWed Feb 02, 2011 4:34 pm

Independent Nobodies

These are still regular Nobodies but just choose not to take part in VOD and go their own way.

Nobodies are born when a Heart is swallowed by darkness and becomes a Heartless. They are the remaining parts left behind by the heart: the body, giving a Nobody form, and the soul, giving the Nobody life. Having no heart, Nobodies cannot actually feel any emotions. Yet most still remember the days before they lost their heart and thus can remember emotions and act on them when the situation arises, even though they really do not feel the emotions. Many will just look like odd creatures much like the heartless, but in special cases they will take on a human form looking much like their former selves, sometimes with minor changes, before they were lost to the darkness.

The human-form Nobodies are the ones you can be.


Do not copy and past this part, this is just a sample. Scroll down and use the part that says 'Code' so all the codes and everything will already be there.

Name- The name of your character. It is good to have an X somewhere in the name, it has also been decided that a Z can replace the X, though this is not required.

Nickname- Not required, just if your character has one, if not put N/A.

Somebody Name- This is the name you Nobody had before they turned into a Nobody. It is going to be all the same letters in their name mixed up into a different name without the X or Z (if there is an X or Z).

Gender- Male or Female

Age- Age of your character.

Side- Good, Bad, or Neutral. Not all Nobodies have to be bad.

Home World- Put here what world your character was once from.

Personality- Please be detailed. No ‘RPing it out’ or or one sentence explanations. The more detail the better. Even though they have no emotions they still have different personalities.

History- Put here the background story of your character. Please be detailed. It can be about when your Nobody was a Somebody and also what your Nobody has been doing since becoming a Nobody (though you may want your character to have just become a Nobody so the latter may not be necessary.)

Weapon- Nobodies usually have very unique weapons, so try to be creative and have fun with this. Pictures are welcome.

Appearance- Here is where you put what your character looks like. Pictures are loved, but if you have no picture please be as detailed as possible.

Copy and paste this to use as your Character Sheet so it will be clean and all codes are ready-



[b]Somebody Name-[/b]




[b]Home World-[/b]





If you have any questions regarding the Character Sheet please feel free to PM me!

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Nobodies Not of VOD Form
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